The Fear of 13

The Fear of 13

David Sington (2015)

15 Certificate


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Nicholas Yarris, a prisoner on death row in the US, who asked that his appeals process be terminated and his execution carried out, tells his own story in this feature-length documentary portrait. With his sculpted cheekbones and thoughtful demeanour, he holds court with all the screen presence and storytelling nous of a great actor, as British documentarist David Sington's cannily structured film unfolds a personal history where tragic circumstances, bitter injustice and unyielding determination all have their part to play. The enigmatic title refers to Yarris's pride in developing his reading skills during his decades behind bars, to the point where he can now use words like "triskaidekaphobia" (fear of the number 13), but there are many more mysteries to unpack here. We look back to understand the significance of the young boy in the woods seen in the opening credits, and forward to realise the life-affirming resolution of Yarris's ultimate fate - the outcome a fascinating, compelling and ultimately very moving true story.


Premiere. Documentary exploring the live of Nick Yarris, a man convicted of murder who spent 23 years on Death Row, and who petitioned the courts to hasten his execution after attempts to appeal against his sentence were unsuccessful. The film takes the form of a monologue, in which Yarris tells the story of the events that led to his imprisonment.

Cast & Crew

Nick Yarris Nick Yarris
Director David Sington

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Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: DogwoofGuidance: Swearing.Released on: 13 Nov 2015