Into the Grizzly Maze

Into the Grizzly Maze

David Hackl (2015)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Billy Bob Thornton chews the scenery while a marauding bear prefers human flesh in this visceral action horror from the director of Saw V. James Marsden and Thomas Jane bring a bit of extra muscle in a bloody fight to protect the townsfolk.


A wild grizzly bear goes on the rampage in a remote Alaskan town. A sheriff ventures into the creature's territory to find his missing wife, enlisting the aid of his ex-convict brother. However, they soon find themselves stalked by the beast, while a famous bear hunter causes further problems. Thriller, starring Thomas Jane, James Marsden, Piper Perabo and Billy Bob Thornton.

Cast & Crew

Rowan James Marsden
Michelle Piper Perabo
Douglass Billy Bob Thornton
Beckett Thomas Jane
Sully Scott Glenn
Kaley Michaela McManus
Johnny Cadillac Adam Beach
Sydnee Sarah Desjardins
Director David Hackl
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour