The Possession of Michael King

The Possession of Michael King

David Jung (2014)

18 Certificate


Our Score
A sceptical documentarian challenges the occult to show itself in this too-familiar found-footage horror marked out by a fierce lead performance by Shane Johnson.


Following the death of his beloved wife, a sceptical film-maker sets out to make a documentary disproving the existence of supernatural. However, when he invites demonic spirits to enter his body, he is taken over by a terrifying force. Horror, starring Shane Johnson, Ella Anderson and Cara Pifko.

Cast & Crew

Michael King Shane Johnson
Ellie King Ella Anderson
Samantha Cara Pifko
Augustine Tomas Arana
Elias Luke Baines
Beverly Dale Dickey
Beth King Julie McNiven
Marsha Patricia Healy
Director David Jung
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence.