Darren Fisher (2013)

12 Certificate


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Though a little on the long side, this low-key British sci-fi romance charts the tortuous path of true love for a severely mismatched couple. It's set in a future where children are defined by their frequency, which is great for Marie who has phenomenal good luck but not so for Zak, her polar opposite in bad fortune. Never the twain should meet (at least for no more than a minute, or else planes could fall from the sky), but unfortunately for Zak, he's in love and spends the rest of his life trying to win her affections - a virtual impossibility since pupils with Marie's frequency have all the empathy of a machine. It's an absorbing and often thought-provoking journey - any film that can blend Magritte, Mozart and the machinations of fate could never be boring - although the diversion into conspiracy theory territory does somewhat divert from the love story aspect of trajectory of the tale. Still, Eleanor Wyld and Daniel Fraser as the adult lovers remain convincing and charmingly real, and it makes a pleasant change to watch a sci-fi tale not reliant on big bangs and special effects.


Scientists discover frequencies emitted by the human brain, that can be used to predetermine every aspect of their life. A student falls in love with a woman whose frequencies are different to his, meaning they should be incompatible - but he is determined to prove science wrong. Romantic sci-fi drama, starring Daniel Fraser and Eleanor Wyld.

Cast & Crew

Zak Daniel Fraser
Marie Eleanor Wyld
Theo Owen Pugh
Mr Fortune David Barnaby
Nicola Tesla Ria Carroll
Headmistress Joanna Hole
Director Darren Fisher
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Brief violence.Available on: DVD