Killer Mermaids

Killer Mermaids

Milan Todorovic (2014)

18 Certificate


Our Score
No prizes for guessing the nature of the beastie preying on tourists in this by-the-numbers creature feature. Here, American singletons end up at the mercy of a sultry siren when they stop off at an island fortress in sun-drenched Montenegro. As if that wasn't bad enough, director Milan Todorovic (Zone of the Dead) tosses in a mysterious, welly-wearing maniac who fillets all and sundry with his trusty (or is that rusty?) anchor. It's fairly routine horror (except for a particularly grisly decapitation) but is watchable enough due to an authentically claustrophobic location with its labyrinth of dark, dank tunnels and a cameo from Franco Nero, who's obviously channeling his inner Ahab as the saltiest of seadogs.


Two American girls on holiday in Montenegro meet up with an old friend who offers to show them around an abandoned military base. Unfortunately, the site is also the home of a terrifying aquatic creature with a taste for human flesh. Serbian horror, starring Kristina Klebe, Franco Nero and Natalie Burn.

Cast & Crew

Kelly Kristina Klebe
Niko Franco Nero
Lucy Natalie Burn
Boban Dragan Micanovic
Scylla, the Nymph Zorana Kostic Obradovic
Guardian Miodrag Krstovic
Alex Slobodan Stefanovic
Yasmin Sofija Rajovic
Director Milan Todorovic
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Other Information

Language: English / SerbianColourGuidance: Violence, nudity