Lucky Them

Lucky Them

Megan Griffiths (2013)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Toni Collette steals the show as Ellie, a music journalist on a very personal assignment, in this comedy drama. Helped by little more than rumours and an obnoxious film-maker (Thomas Hayden Church), she must find her ex-boyfriend, a celebrated musician, on the tenth anniversary of his disappearance. At times feeling like a paint-by-numbers indie drama, the film revels in its trendy Seattle setting, but fails to provide anything that truly engages beyond some well-cast leads. Collette hits all the right notes in a performance that shows her character's flaws without making her seem weak, allowing the story to be told from a refreshingly nuanced female perspective. Amid the hip haircuts and open-mic dreamboats is Hayden Church, cutting through the self-conscious cool and having a blast, as his character and Collette's butt heads hilariously. A surprise cameo ends things on a high note, making Lucky Them fun while it lasts, but no more than that.


A journalist is given the job of tracking down a rock star who vanished from the public eye years previously. The writer once had a relationship with the singer, and delves into her own past in order to find him, discovering her own painful memories have now become part of his legend. Comedy drama, starring Toni Collette, Thomas Haden Church and Oliver Platt.

Cast & Crew

Ellie Klug Toni Collette
Charlie Thomas Haden Church
Giles Oliver Platt
Lucas Ryan Eggold
Dana Nina Arianda
Charlotte Ahna O'Reilly
Matthew Smith Johnny Depp
Director Megan Griffiths
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Swearing, a sex scene, drug abuse
Drama Comedy