A Funny Kind of Love

A Funny Kind of Love

Josh Lawson (2014)

18 Certificate


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Other people's sexual proclivities are the subject of this multi-strand Australian first feature, which milks laughter and pathos from the complications of some unusual turn-ons. Writer/director Josh Lawson sets his stories in one ordinary patch of suburbia, and also plays the husband battling manfully to satisfy his wife's rape fantasy - a subject played for edgy comedy and just about getting away with it. Elsewhere, the film is witty, surprising and even rather touching in the way it depicts the emotional consequences of the rarest peccadillos - somnophilia being the pleasure in watching someone sleep, and dacryphilia the frisson of seeing someone cry. On the down side, some of the gags are worked a little too hard (one couple obsessing over the role-playing supposed to save their marriage), while the film also struggles to tie all its threads together. In essence though, a brightly performed, amusing and provocative entertainment that might have you rethinking what constitutes a normal sex life.


Five seemingly ordinary couples all living on the same street in Sydney, Australia, reveal the secrets of their sex lives, from a woman with a disturbing fantasy, to a deaf man struggling to connect with a co-worker. Comedy, written, directed by and starring Josh Lawson, with Bojana Novakovic and TJ Power.

Cast & Crew

Paul Josh Lawson
Maeve Bojana Novakovic
Phil Alan Dukes
Maureen Lisa McCune
Evie Kate Mulvany
Dan Damon Herriman
Rowena Kate Box
Richard Patrick Brammall
Monica Erin James
Sam T J Power
Steve Kim Gyngell
Director Josh Lawson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: KaleidoscopeGuidance: Swearing, sex scenes, sexual references.Available on: DVDReleased on: 8 May 2015