James Ward Byrkit (2013)

15 Certificate


Our Score
This inventive low-budget sci-fi yarn begins as four couples gather for a dinner party. But their plans for a quiet night in are interrupted by a comet that is passing perilously close to Earth. It causes a blackout, and without phones, the internet or electricity, how will they cope? However, there's one lone house in the neighbourhood that still has its lights on, and the friends discover that its inhabitants look strangely familiar... Writer/director James Ward Byrkit has basically taken a Twilight Zone episode and stretched it to feature length - the mind-bending plot invokes both Sliding Doors and the Schrödinger's cat paradox as the guests grapple with potential parallel realities. While it's unlikely that the quantum physics would stand up to rigorous analysis, the philosophical questions about alternative worlds, identity and fate provide some food for thought, and there are some tense moments and whispers of a sinister atmosphere. But the characters are flat and indistinct, and the actors lack the ability to give impact to the supposedly shocking revelations about their relationships, let alone do justice to the big ideas at the film's core.

Cast & Crew

Em Emily Foxler
Mike Nicholas Brendon
Kevin Maury Sterling
Lee Lorene Scafaria
Hugh Hugo Armstrong
Beth Elizabeth Gracen
Laurie Lauren Maher
Amir Alex Manugian
Director James Ward Byrkit
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: MetrodomeGuidance: Swearing, drug references.Available on: DVDReleased on: 13 Feb 2015