Wesley Ruggles (1940)

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Director Wesley Ruggles, who had won his western spurs and a best picture Oscar with the early talkie epic Cimarron (1931), was responsible for this account of pioneering life in Tucson. The focus is firmly on Jean Arthur as the first lady settler there, battling it out with the rogues trying to control her rail freight business. Femininity asserts itself when she falls in love with William Holden (in his first western), passing through on his travels. Distinguished by Arthur's performance and outstanding photography and action set pieces which reflect the film's then massive production budget, it contains all the ingredients that became standard to the frontier western.


Tough pioneer woman Phoebe Titus finds herself getting more in touch with her feminine side after falling hook, line and sinker for cowboy Peter Muncie. But when it turns out he is only passing through, she is left alone to deal with the villains who would destroy her freight company. Western, starring Jean Arthur, William Holden and Warren William.

Cast & Crew

Phoebe Titus Jean Arthur
Peter Muncie William Holden
Jefferson Carteret Warren William
Lazarus Ward Porter Hall
Judge Bogardus Edgar Buchanan
Solomon Warner Paul Harvey
Haley George Chandler
Pete Kitchen Byron Foulger
Director Wesley Ruggles
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: United Artists Corp. LtdAvailable on: video