Shadows on the Stairs

Shadows on the Stairs

D Ross Lederman (1941)

PG Certificate


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One of those irritating thrillers that explain away an implausible plot through a cheat ending. Murder is committed in the Bloomsbury boarding house run by Frieda Inescort and Miles Mander and investigated by a resident, Bruce Lester's budding playwright. Turhan Bey plays a shady Asian businessman in one of his earliest screen appearances while Paul Cavanagh and Lumsden Hare are familiar faces in the cast list. This was one of many B-feature remakes from Warner Bros, a Hollywood version of the minor 1932 British production Murder on the Second Floor, based on a play of that name by the writer and character actor Frank Vosper.


A string of murders is uncovered surrounding a London boarding house, and all the residents become suspects. Mystery, starring Frieda Inescort and Paul Cavanagh.

Cast & Crew

Stella Armitage Frieda Inescort
Joseph Reynolds Paul Cavanagh
Sylvia Heather Angel
Director D Ross Lederman

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Warner Bros Pictures Ltd