All the Way

All the Way

Jay Roach (2016)

12 Certificate


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Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston is flat-out terrific in this political epic as the charming but ferocious Lyndon B Johnson. It's a reworking of an acclaimed Broadway play, for which Cranston won a Tony award, and his performance ignites what might otherwise be one of those solid, reverential American history lessons. The plot follows Johnson from the stunned aftermath of John F Kennedy's assassination to his own election as president in 1965. The meat of the drama is Johnson's struggle to pass civil rights legislation, caught between the opposition of old-school southern Democrats - the "Dixiecrats" - and pressure from Martin Luther King. The fun lies in watching Cranston's version of LBJ as a political pile-driver, bullying and cajoling everyone in his path, lying through his teeth, offering his own cufflinks to win over an opponent, roaring profanities down the phone one moment and telling folksy anecdotes the next. In the end this probably glorifies LBJ, but it's how you wish politics worked.


The tumultuous first year in office for Lyndon B Johnson as he took over as US president in the wake of JFK's assassination, focusing on efforts to pass the Civil Rights Act and his relationship with Martin Luther King Jr. Drama, starring Bryan Cranston, Melissa Leo and Anthony Mackie.

Cast & Crew

Lyndon B Johnson Bryan Cranston
Lady Bird Johnson Melissa Leo
Martin Luther King Jr Anthony Mackie
Director Jay Roach

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