Heart of a Dog

Heart of a Dog

Laurie Anderson (2015)

PG Certificate


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On her return to film direction for the first time since her 1986 concert film, Home of the Brave, versatile avant-gardist Laurie Anderson dazzles with her ingenuity and honesty in this heartfelt tribute to her mother, late husband Lou Reed and her beloved rat terrier, Lolabelle. Flitting between topics with a canine inquisitiveness, Anderson combines home movies, distressed found footage, animation and trick effects to connect a swooping hawk with 9/11, drone surveillance and data collection in an age of social media exhibitionism. For all the serious political intent, however, this is a playful rumination on language, storytelling, music, memory and mortality. Consequently, the references to Kierkegaard, Wittgenstein and The Tibetan Book of the Dead are presented no more seriously than the fond reminiscences of a pet who supposedly had a French accent and played the piano well enough to give a recital. Some may find the blizzard of ideas and images a little spurious and overpowering, but this is a deeply personal expression of visionary art and love.


Documentary in which multimedia artist Laurie Anderson reflects on her relationship with her beloved terrier Lolabelle.

Cast & Crew

Laurie Anderson Laurie Anderson
Painter Julian Schnabel
Director Laurie Anderson

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: DogwoofReleased on: 20 May 2016