Al Capone

Al Capone

Richard Wilson (1959)

15 Certificate


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Rod Steiger was a natural to play Al Capone: he had played a gangster masquerading as a lawyer in On the Waterfront and a gangster masquerading as a Hollywood mogul in The Big Knife. And Capone was a businessman, finally imprisoned for tax evasion rather than slaughter on the streets of Chicago. Steiger, of course, brings all his Method mannerisms to play - he's petulant, coarse, with a touch of Iago and Richard III, and it's fascinating to compare his portrayal with later ones by Jason Robards (The St Valentine's Day Massacre) and Robert De Niro (Brian De Palma's The Untouchables). Directed by Richard Wilson, a former associate of Orson Welles, the picture revived interest in Capone, led to the TV series of The Untouchables and stands comparison with the best gangster pictures of the 1930s.


Biopic of the gangster, following his rise from a small-time hood and bodyguard to a Chicago racketeer to the dominant figure in the city's underworld during the city's prohibition era. As Capone ruthlessly eliminates every threat to his power, including orchestrating the infamous Valentine's Day Massacre, an incorruptible cop searches for a way to bring him down. Starring Rod Steiger and Fay Spain.

Cast & Crew

Al Capone Rod Steiger
Maureen Flannery Fay Spain
Sgt Schaefler James Gregory
Mac Keeley Martin Balsam
Johnny Torrio Nehemiah Persoff
George `Bugs' Moran Murvyn Vye
Dion O'Banion Robert Gist
Earl Weiss Lewis Charles
Director Richard Wilson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Assoc. British Pathe LtdGuidance: Contains some violence and swearing.Available on: video