Florian Gallenberger (2015)

15 Certificate


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Under the rule of General Augusto Pinochet in the early 1970s, the "Colonia Dignidad" was a secluded compound used to torture political prisoners and, in the guise of a religious charitable mission, it was also used to commit other unspeakable acts. German director Florian Gallenberger makes this the setting of a thriller that doubles as a prison-break movie with Emma Watson as Lena, an air stewardess who discovers that her lover, Daniel (Daniel Brühl), is being held at the camp. Lena infiltrates its walls to rescue Daniel and subsequently, both characters suffer various forms of abuse. Unfortunately, Gallenberger never makes us care about the two of them. Nevertheless there are tense scenes along the way and Michael Nyqvist is suitably monstrous as cult leader Paul Schäfer, an ex-Nazi and convicted child abuser. Sadly the film doesn't do justice to his real-life victims, reduced instead to being a watchable but clearly fictionalised account.


A man travelling through Chile in the 1970s is abducted by the secret police during the military coup that brought Pinochet to power. His girlfriend tries to find out what has happened to him, but to uncover the truth, she must join a cult posing as a charitable organisation, from which no one has ever escaped. Drama, starring Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl.

Cast & Crew

Lena Emma Watson
Daniel Daniel Brühl
Paul Schäfer Michael Nyqvist
Gisela Richenda Carey
Ursel Vicky Krieps
Doro Jeanne Werner
Roman Julian Ovenden
German Ambassador August Zirner
Niels Biedermann Martin Wuttke
Jorge Nicolas Barsoff
Director Florian Gallenberger
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Other Information

Language: English / SpanishColourTheatrical distributor: Signature EntertainmentGuidance: Violence, swearing.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 1 Jul 2016