Path of Destruction

Path of Destruction

Stephen Furst (2005)

PG Certificate


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A cloud of experimental nanobots causes deadly superstorms across America's west coast in this increasingly ridiculous sci-fi yarn. Danica McKellar is out of her depth playing the tenacious reporter racing to clear her name - and naturally avert world disaster - after Identikit villain David Keith frames her for the escalating catastrophe. Plot holes abound as logic and realism quickly disappear, jettisoned in favour of over-the-top panic and the poorest of special effects. Lame dialogue and some ill-advised comic relief from director/supporting actor Stephen Furst add to the air of absurdity, and pave the way for a laughably unbelievable climax.


A scientific experiment backfires, releasing swarms of microscopic machines into the atmosphere and creating unpredictable and disastrous weather patterns. Meanwhile, a journalist holds the key to finding the culprits and stopping the destruction. Sci-fi thriller, directed by and starring Stephen Furst, alongside Danica McKellar, David Keith and Chris Pratt.

Cast & Crew

Roy Stark David Keith
Katherine Stern Danica McKellar
Nathan McCain Chris Pratt
Terry Stephen Furst
Col Thomas Miller Franklin Dennis Jones
Dr Van Owen Richard Wharton
Eric Michael Cory Davis
Krieger Griff Furst
Director Stephen Furst
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Language: EnglishColour