The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial

The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial

Robert Altman (1988)

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The 1980s was not a great decade for director Robert Altman compared to the acclaim he received in the 70s for such Oscar winners as MASH and Nashville. But this 1988 TV-movie adaptation of The Caine Mutiny is one of his better efforts from that time. It was originally filmed in 1954 and saw Humphrey Bogart deliver an Oscar-nominated if un-Bogie-like performance as Captain Queeg, an unstable, obsessive, ball-bearing-clicking despot struggling to command a navy minesweeper during the war in the Pacific. But Altman strips away the on-board melodrama of the Hollywood version and focuses purely on the court martial at the heart of the tale. Jeff Daniels is suitably upright as the officer accused of mutiny by Queeg (played here by Midnight Express star Brad Davis, bravely attempting to fill Bogart's sizeable shoes but not quite succeeding). However, it's Eric Bogosian as Daniels's wily and acerbic defense lawyer, not entirely convinced of his client's innocence, who catches the eye. Most of the "action" is confined to the courtroom and although it's no 12 Angry Men, Altman expertly builds the tension and creates an engrossing drama replete with his signature use of naturalistic, overlapping dialogue.


A Navy lieutenant is put on trial for incompetence after his crew rebel during a violent storm. Robert Altman's drama, starring Eric Bogosian, Brad Davis, Jeff Daniels and Matt Smith.

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Actor Eric Bogosian
Actor Brad Davis
Actor Jeff Daniels
Actor Matt Smith
Actor Danny Darst
Actor Michael Murphy
Director Robert Altman
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