Murder at the Windmill

Murder at the Windmill

Val Guest (1949)

A Certificate


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Comic policemen Garry Marsh and Jon Pertwee investigate a murder at London's Windmill theatre, famous for its nude tableaux and the fact that it remained open throughout the Second World War. Partly filmed in situ, with performers and staff playing themselves, this creaky whodunnit is a valuable record, within the bounds of the strict censorship of the day, of the lowbrow songs and sketches that made the theatre famous. Jimmy Edwards's spot, dreadful now, was thought hilarious at the time, and won the whiskery comic his part in radio's celebrated Take It from Here.

Cast & Crew

Detective Inspector Garry Marsh
Sergeant Jon Pertwee
Vivian Van Damm Jack Livesey
Gimpy Eliot Makeham
Jimmy Jimmy Edwards
Frankie Diana Decker
Donald Donald Clive
Patsy Jill Anstey
Director Val Guest
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Daniel Angel Films Ltd