Those People Next Door

Those People Next Door

John Harlow (1952)

U Certificate


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While it might be mired in the jokey chauvinism of the time, there's a thoughtful attempt to discuss class relations in this adaptation of Zelda Davees's play, Wearing the Pants. It bears a distinct similarity to other wartime dramas such as Millions Like Us (1943) and This Happy Breed (1944), yet it often feels more like the pilot for a sitcom, and could hardly be considered social realism. It may be 1941, with bombs raining down on London, but the initial focus is on the friendship between working stiff Jack Warner (echoing his earlier roles as Joe Huggett) and socialist neighbour Charles Victor. However, when Warner and Marjorie Rhodes's daughter (Patricia Cutts) falls for a well-heeled squadron leader (Peter Forbes-Robertson), a "them and us" curtain descends after Garry Marsh and hoity wife Grace Arnold express their disapproval of the match. The performances are better than John Harlow's set-bound direction, with Gladys Henson scene-stealing as Victor's scrounging spouse and Geoffrey Sumner amusing as an RAF toff.


An RAF officer and a working class woman fall in love, sparking disapproval from both their families. Second World War comedy drama, starring Jack Warner, Marjorie Rhodes and Charles Victor.

Cast & Crew

Sam Twigg Jack Warner
Mary Twigg Marjorie Rhodes
Joe Higgins Charles Victor
Emma Higgins Gladys Henson
Sir Andrew Stevens Garry Marsh
Director John Harlow
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Eros FilmsAvailable on: DVD