Your Money or Your Wife

Your Money or Your Wife

Anthony Simmons (1960)

A Certificate


Our Score
Nice title, shame about the movie. This is a farce in every sense of the word, as blissfully married Peggy Cummins and Donald Sinden have to divorce in order to come into an inheritance. Naturally, their plans to break-up come unstuck and Sinden is forced to check in as one of his wife's many lodgers. Both screenwriter Ronald Jeans and director Anthony Simmons seemed to think that an abundance of slapstick, a little innuendo and bags of mugging would be enough to have the audience in convulsions. Tune in just to see how wrong they were.


A happily married couple embark on a spending spree after receiving the happy news that they're in line for a hefty inheritance - but their celebrations are cut short by the discovery that they'll have to divorce to claim it. Comedy, starring Donald Sinden, Peggy Cummins and Richard Wattis.

Cast & Crew

Pelham Butterworth Donald Sinden
Gay Butterworth Peggy Cummins
Hubert Fry Richard Wattis
Theodore Malek Peter Reynolds
Thelma Cressingdon Georgina Cookson
Mrs Compton-Chamberlain Gladys Boot
Juliet Frost Barbara Steele
Janet Fry Betty Baskcombe
Mrs Withers Olive Sloane
Director Anthony Simmons
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Alliance Films LtdAvailable on: DVD