Carve Her Name with Pride

Carve Her Name with Pride

Lewis Gilbert (1958)

PG Certificate


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Bafta-nominated Virginia McKenna gives an understated but well-pitched performance as Violette Szabo, a glamorous young woman who, after her French officer husband was killed in action, became a British spy on the continent during the Second World War. Made by the same team of director Lewis Gilbert and co-writer Vernon Harris that brought the Douglas Bader biopic Reach for the Sky to the screen, this is another well-crafted biographical drama inspired by real-life heroism beyond the call of duty. The supporting cast is pretty good, too, and includes an all-too-rare big-screen appearance from theatre giant Paul Scofield.


The bilingual widow of a French officer is enlisted as a spy for Britain's Special Operations Executive, and risks her life by going behind enemy lines in occupied France to salvage a resistance unit. Lewis Gilbert's drama, based on the true story of the Second World War heroine Violette Szabo, starring Virginia McKenna, Paul Scofield, Jack Warner, Sydney Tafler and Billie Whitelaw.

Cast & Crew

Violette Szabo Virginia McKenna
Tony Fraser Paul Scofield
Mr Bushell Jack Warner
Mrs Bushell Denise Grey
Etienne Szabo Alain Saury
Jacques Maurice Ronet
Lillian Rolfe Anne Leon
Potter Sydney Tafler
Vera Atkins Avice Landone
Denise Bloch Nicole Stéphane
Interrogator Noel Willman
NCO Instructor Bill Owen
Winnie Billie Whitelaw
Colonel Buckmaster William Mervyn
Commandant Suhren Harold Lang
TBC Michael Caine
Director Lewis Gilbert
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Rank Film Dists LtdAvailable on: video and DVD