Piccadilly Incident

Piccadilly Incident

Herbert Wilcox (1946)

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Anna Neagle and Michael Wilding co-star in this British Second World War tale about a Wren and a Royal Marine who meet during an air raid, fall in love and marry, only for her to go missing, presumed dead, after the fall of Singapore. Producer/director Herbert Wilcox teamed his wife, Neagle, with Wilding for the first time in this emotional drama of love, war and noble sacrifice, establishing their run as huge box-office stars in five more, beginning with The Courtneys of Curzon Street and ending with The Lady with the Lamp. An old-fashioned, occasionally laboured, and heavily sentimental weepie, but it effectively opens the tear ducts.


Alan Pearson, a Naval captain, and WREN Diana Fraser meet by chance in Piccadilly during an air raid. They fall in love and marry just hours before Diana is deployed to Singapore. Their love story is cut short when Diana is reported missing in action and, in time, Alan finds love again. Then Fate brings about an impossible situation that can only be resolved by considerable self-sacrifice.

Cast & Crew

Diana Fraser Anna Neagle
Capt Alan Pearson Michael Wilding
Bill Weston Michael Laurence (1)
Joan Draper Frances Mercer
Virginia Pearson Coral Browne
Sir Charles Pearson A E Matthews
Judd Edward Rigby
Sally Benton Brenda Bruce
Sam Leslie Dwyer
Mrs Milligan Maire O'Neill
Judge Reginald Owen
TBC Roger Moore
Director Herbert Wilcox
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Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: DVD