A Haunted House 2

A Haunted House 2

Michael Tiddes (2014)

18 Certificate


Our Score
The surprise hit horror spoof returns for a sequel, with Marlon Wayans once again plagued by scary and absurd paranormal activity after moving his family into a new house. Despite an energetic performance from Wayans, this time round the film seems to be aiming straight for the gutter, with a racial joke or "comedy" sex scene its standby default. It does raise the occasional inane chuckle (a "blood sacrifice" scene makes the most of Wayans's near-constant state of comedic panic). But these flickers of amusement are rare, and the cycle of gags gets tiresome early in the film's short running time. In spite of the fact that it's lampooning more recent films (including The Conjuring, Insidious and The Possession), it's near the bottom of a sub-genre dominated by the Scary Movie franchise, created by Wayans and his brothers, which ran out of steam long ago. A Haunted House 2 will satisfy only the basest of humours, while simply repulsing (or offending) the rest of us.


A man tries to move on after an encounter with the supernatural and the death of his wife, and remarries to a single mother. However, he discovers the ghosts have not finished with him or his new family - and to make matters worse, his first wife rises from the grave to torment him. Horror spoof sequel, starring Marlon Wayans and Jaime Pressly.

Cast & Crew

Malcolm Johnson Marlon Wayans
Megan Jaime Pressly
Kisha Davis Essence Atkins
Miguel Gabriel Iglesias
Father Doug Williams Cedric the Entertainer
Becky Ashley Rickards
Noreen Missi Pyle
Ray-Ray Affion Crockett
Director Michael Tiddes
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Other Information

Language: English / SpanishColourTheatrical distributor: IMGGuidance: Swearing, sexual references, drug use, nudity.Released on: 27 Jun 2014