Brian Trenchard-Smith (1995)

15 Certificate


Our Score
James Belushi as Humphrey Bogart? Even Belushi's most devoted fans will be raising their eyebrows in disbelief. However, if you can get over the eccentric casting, this is a proficient remake of the 1943 Bogart war movie, which finds Belushi making a last stand against the Germans when his group of survivors is stranded in the desert. Director Brian Trenchard-Smith makes hard work of characterisation and the interplay between the motley crew of Allied soldiers, but seems more at home with the action sequences. The result is a moderately entertaining adventure that passes the time harmlessly enough.


An American tank commander leads his crew back to Allied lines after the fall of Tobruk during the Second World War. Along the way, they pick up some stranded soldiers and discover an abandoned well in the desert. With the German army bearing down on them, he decides to fight for control of the valuable water source. Adventure remake, starring James Belushi and Simon Westaway.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Joe Gunn James Belushi
Williams Simon Westaway
Bates Alan David Lee
Doyle Mark Lee
Leroux Michael Massee
Tambul Robert Wisdom
Capt Halliday Jerome Ehlers
Giuseppe Angelo d'Angelo
Director Brian Trenchard-Smith
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains some violence and swearing.Available on: video