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On Her Majesty's Secret Service

  • Drama
  • 1969
  • Peter Hunt
  • 142 mins
  • PG


Spy adventure starring George Lazenby, Diana Rigg and Telly Savalas. James Bond resigns from the Secret Service in order to continue his relentless quest to track down arch villain Blofeld. A liaison with a beautiful but wilful playgirl leads Bond to a notorious criminal who helps him track his quarry to a mountain hideaway in Switzerland.



A star rating of 4 out of 5.

If any James Bond yarn is a cult film, it's this one, so divided have fans and critics been since its release back in 1969 when producers turned to little-known Australian actor George Lazenby to take over from Sean Connery as Britain's finest secret agent. Critics at the time were a tad underwhelmed, with the inexperienced Lazenby taking much of the blame, but he acquits himself well and certainly looks the part. Irrespective of his shortcomings - and who wouldn't have them compared to Connery - the sixth outing for 007 is a magnificently memorable adventure that sees Bond out to stop the dispersal of a killer virus by a bevy of beauties brainwashed by Telly Savalas's villainous Blofeld. The script throws up superb action sequences, nerve-frazzling suspense and breathtaking locations, and takes 007 to places he's never been before emotionally. Add the perfect heroine in Diana Rigg (fresh from playing Mrs Peel in TV's The Avengers) as a wilful mobster's daughter who's every bit the suave spy's equal in spirit, bravery and fighting chops; one of John Barry's most evocative scores; and the incomparable Louis Armstrong singing We've Got All the Time in the World, and you have an adventure that's right up there with the best of the franchise.

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James BondGeorge Lazenby
TracyDiana Rigg
BlofeldTelly Savalas
Irma BuntIlse Steppat
DracoGabriele Ferzetti
GruentherYuri Borienko
CampbellBernard Horsfall
Sir Hilary BrayGeorge Baker
"M"Bernard Lee
Miss MoneypennyLois Maxwell
"Q"Desmond Llewelyn
RubyAngela Scoular
NancyCatherine Schell
Scandinavian girlJulie Ege
English girlJoanna Lumley
Australian girlAnouska Hempel
Irish girlJenny Hanley
DracoDavid De Keyser


DirectorPeter Hunt


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May be edited for violence.
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video, DVD and Blu-ray
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