Night of the Lepus

Night of the Lepus

William F Claxton (1972)

X Certificate


Our Score
When a laboratory rabbit, injected with an experimental pest control serum, escapes into the Arizona desert and starts breeding with the local wild bunny population you either have the potential for an eco-thriller of the stature of Them! or you have the ingredients of a Monty Python sketch. Alas for stars Stuart Whitman, Janet Leigh and Star Trek's DeForest Kelley this giant killer bunny flick is as unintentionally hilarious as anything Cleese and co could have dreamt up. The problem for director William F Claxton, best known for his low-budget westerns, is that even with close-ups of slavering blood-red jaws fluffy bunnies just aren't frightening. A total bloody shambles. Poor old Janet Leigh probably wishes she was back in the Bates motel shower.

Cast & Crew

Roy Bennett Stuart Whitman
Gerry Bennett Janet Leigh
Cole Hillman Rory Calhoun
Dr Elgin Clark DeForest Kelley
Sheriff Cody Paul Fix
Amanda Bennett Melanie Fullerton
Jackie Hillman Chris Morrell
Director William F Claxton
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour