Roland Emmerich (1994)

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Aliens colonised ancient Egypt through a space-time portal, according to this derivative yet hugely enjoyable cosmic adventure. A shameless marriage between Indiana Jones and the ideas of Erich Von Daniken, its clunkier plot details are neatly disguised by director Roland Emmerich's flair for epic action (he did make Independence Day, after all). James Spader is terrific as the code-cracking archaeologist who accompanies soldier Kurt Russell across the universe to fight galactic tyrant Jaye Davidson, who's clearly wearing the frocks The Crying Game couldn't afford. Stargate is simple in execution, yet classic in the nostalgic way it evokes the feel of vintage 1940s serials, with Emmerich doing an outstanding job, combining plot strands from literature and other films of the genre - even the title is borrowed, from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: a Space Odyssey - with some imaginative special effects and impressive visuals. One of the film's best achievements in this area is its depiction of what it might actually feel and look like being hurtled across the universe at the speed of light. Emmerich's film may not be a lot of things, but as an action-packed, science-fiction rollercoaster ride, it's fabulous fun.


An Egyptologist and a soldier head an expedition through a mysterious portal to an alien planet. The world they find resembles ancient Egypt and is under the rule of a tyrant who has convinced the downtrodden inhabitants that he is a god - until the humans incite the enslaved populace to fight back. Sci-fi adventure, starring Kurt Russell, James Spader and Jaye Davidson.

Cast & Crew

Col Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil Kurt Russell
Dr Daniel Jackson James Spader
Ra Jaye Davidson
Catherine Viveca Lindfors
Skaara Alexis Cruz
Sha'uri Mili Avital
General WO West Leon Rippy
Lieutenant Kawalsky John Diehl
Anubis Carlos Lauchu
Horus Djimon Hounsou
Director Roland Emmerich
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence and language.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray