All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front

Delbert Mann (1979)

PG Certificate


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It's a brave man who dares to remake what is still regarded as the most powerful pacifist statement ever committed to celluloid. However, director Delbert Mann does a fine job of adapting Erich Maria Remarque's harrowing study of life in the trenches. In addition to winning Emmys for its editing and special effects, this sprawling TV movie also brought nominations for Mann, Patricia Neal and Ernest Borgnine, here cast as the wizened veteran who puts Richard Thomas and his fellow recruits through their paces. While it lacks the immediacy of the 1930 version, this is still a compelling and affecting insight into the hellishness of war.



Cast & Crew

Paul Baumer Richard Thomas
Stanislaus Katczinsky Ernest Borgnine
Himmelstoss Ian Holm
Kantorek Donald Pleasence
Paul's mother Patricia Neal
Tjaden Mark Drewry
Behm Mark Elliott
Kropp David Bradley (3)
Muller Mathew Evans
Kemmerich George Winter
Peter Leer Dominic Jephcott
Paul's father Michael Sheard
Director Delbert Mann
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