Heaven Can Wait

Heaven Can Wait

Warren Beatty (1978)

PG Certificate


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This updated version of the 1941 film Here Comes Mr Jordan is one of the few remakes that is almost as good as the original. Warren Beatty co-directs and stars as the football player accidentally selected to die after a car accident. Realising he has been called before his time, Beatty bargains with celestial James Mason and gets the chance to live again but in someone else's body, that of a wealthy businessman whose wife is plotting to kill him. Well played, well written (by Beatty and Elaine May) and well directed, this is one of the highlights of Beatty's career and an enjoyable whimsical delight.


American football player Joe gets snatched away to the afterlife following his death, but the angel responsible realises too late he was supposed to survive. Joe is offered the chance to return to the land of the living by taking over the body of a murdered millionaire - to the shock of the dead man's killers. Fantasy drama, starring Warren Beatty, Julie Christie and James Mason.

Cast & Crew

Joe Pendleton Warren Beatty
Betty Logan Julie Christie
Mr Jordan James Mason
Max Corkle Jack Warden
Tony Abbott Charles Grodin
Julia Farnsworth Dyan Cannon
Escort Buck Henry
Krim Vincent Gardenia
Sisk Joseph Maher
Bentley Hamilton Camp
Everett Arthur Malet
Corinne Stephanie Faracy
Lavinia Jeannie Linero
Gardener Harry D K Wong
Peters Larry Block
Conway Frank Campanella
Tomarken Bill Sorrells
Haitian ambassador Joseph K Makel
Oppenheim Keene Curtis
Renfield William Larsen
Middleton Morgan Farley
Lawson William Bogert
Director Warren Beatty
Director Buck Henry
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains some swearing.Available on: video and DVD