The Thief of Bagdad

The Thief of Bagdad

Ludwig Berger (1940)

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Our Score
A wonderfully atmospheric Arabian Nights adventure for children of all ages. And particularly for youngsters who can identify with Sabu singing "I want to be a bandit, can't you understand it?" - part of a marvellous score by Miklos Rozsa, which, incidentally, was the first ever to be committed to record. Undeterred by the outbreak of war, producer Alexander Korda decamped from England to Hollywood to complete it, sparing no expense to bring the magic to the screen, and using a total of six directors (himself included). Oscar-winning Technicolor photography and sumptuous art direction make this - Douglas Fairbanks Sr's silent version, notwithstanding - the definitive movie of this particular tale. With a giant genie (Rex Ingram), flying carpets, magical mechanical horses, a beautiful princess (June Duprez), Sabu himself, and a wickedly wicked grand vizier in the person of Conrad Veidt, what more could any adventure-seeker ask for?


A daring Arabian thief finds himself imprisoned with the deposed king, and together the pair devise a plan to escape and reclaim the throne - with a little help from flying carpets, a genie, a magical jewel and an enchanted mechanical horse. Fantasy adventure, starring Sabu, Conrad Veidt, Rex Ingram, John Justin and June Duprez.

Cast & Crew

Jaffar Conrad Veidt
Abu Sabu
Princess June Duprez
Ahmad John Justin
Djinni Rex Ingram (2)
Sultan Miles Malleson
King Morton Selten
Halima Mary Morris
Merchant Bruce Winston
Astrologer Hay Petrie
Jailer Roy Emerton
Storyteller Allan Jeayes
Singer Adelaide Hall
Director Ludwig Berger
Director Michael Powell
Director Tim Whelan
Director Zoltan Korda
Director William Cameron Menzies
Director Alexander Korda
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Other Information

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