Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Kevin Reynolds (1991)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Buckles are truly swashed and derring-do effectively done in this 12th-century adventure, which simply sets out to entertain handsomely and does so with a great deal of dash, flash and panache. Kevin Costner is more "Indiana Hood" than the Locksley lad of yore and Alan Rickman is a joy to behold as the panto-styled Sheriff of Nottingham, while Morgan Freeman's cultured Moor - Robin's early saviour - is a commanding, though unlikely, medieval presence. But it's director Kevin Reynolds who deserves the most praise for disguising such overfamiliar events with imaginative staging and a constantly roving camera, and turning in such an enjoyable popcorn epic. And, yes, this is the film where Bryan Adams sings (Everything I Do) I Do It for You during the final credits.


An English nobleman returns home from the crusades to find his father has been murdered and the local people are repressed by the tyrannical rule of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Branded an outlaw, he recruits a group of bandits to fight for justice and protect the downtrodden. Action adventure, starring Kevin Costner, Alan Rickman, Morgan Freeman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

Cast & Crew

Robin of Locksley / Robin Hood Kevin Costner
Maid Marian Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Sheriff of Nottingham Alan Rickman
Azeem Morgan Freeman
Will Scarlett Christian Slater
Mortianna Geraldine McEwan
Friar Tuck Micheal McShane
Lord Locksley Brian Blessed
Guy of Gisborne Michael Wincott
Little John Nick Brimble
Fanny Soo Drouet
King Richard Sean Connery
Wulf Daniel Newman
Bull Daniel Peacock
Duncan Walter Sparrow
Bishop Harold Innocent
Much Jack Wild
Kenneth Michael Goldie
Peter Dubois Liam Halligan
Turk interrogator Marc Zuber
Old woman Merelina Kendall
Sarah Imogen Bain
Farmer Jimmy Gardner
Villager Bobby Parr
Courier John Francis
Red-headed baron John Hallam
Grey-bearded Grey-bearded baron Douglas Blackwell
Director Kevin Reynolds
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence, swearing, nudity.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray