Against the Dark

Against the Dark

Richard Crudo (2009)

18 Certificate


Our Score
Wall-to-wall clichés and wasted potential make Steven Seagal's first real foray into horror a lazy and unsatisfying affair. This patchwork of stolen ideas is devoid of brains and chills, as trapped survivors of a virus that's mutated humans into vampiric zombies try to escape an infested, abandoned hospital, helped by sword-wielding vigilante Seagal and his crew of ex-military "Hunters". Fans looking forward to Seagal going seriously ninja on the undead will be sorely disappointed: the portly mumbler is barely in the tatty tale and acts more slug than action icon. Even his fights with the infected are tediously lacklustre, and, like the entire picture, hugely sanitised, with most of the showpiece rough stuff left to team member Tanoai Reed (cousin of The Rock). Ultimately, there's just too much focus on the forgettable survivors, whose poor performances are exacerbated by dreadful dialogue and having little to do except bicker and run.


Vampires have emerged from the shadows to take over the world, decimating the human population. As a handful of survivors seeks shelter in an abandoned hospital, a sword-wielding warrior and his team of vigilante former soldiers step forward to protect the humans against their bloodthirsty foes. Action thriller, starring Steven Seagal and Tanoai Reed.

Cast & Crew

Tao Steven Seagal
Tagart Tanoai Reed
Dorothy Jenna Harrison
Morgan Danny Midwinter
Amelia Emma Catherwood
Ricky Stephen Hagan
Dylan Daniel Percival
Charlotte Skye Bennett
Director Richard Crudo
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: ViolenceAvailable on: DVD