Cafe Flesh

Cafe Flesh

Stephen Sayadian (1982)

18 Certificate


Our Score
Although only a classy porn movie with artistic pretensions, Stephen Sayadian's cult classic (directed under his pseudonym Rinse Dream) is extraordinarily prophetic when viewed in an Aids-related context. A post-holocaust generation has been divided into two groups: "Sex Positives" and "Sex Negatives". By law, the former have to perform in front of the latter to give them the vicarious thrill of a sensation they are no longer capable of experiencing. At the eponymous Cafe Flesh, the hard-core activity is amusingly hosted by stand-up comic Andrew Nichols and accompanied by a vaguely punk soundtrack. Well made and acted for a picture that features only one heavy duty porn queen (Michelle Bauer, aka Pia Snow), initial intrigue in the plot soon wears off as genre clichés take over.

Cast & Crew

Max Melodramatic Andy Nichols
Nick Paul McGibboney
Lana Michelle Bauer
Angel Marie Sharp
Spike Dondi Bastone
Director Stephen Sayadian
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video