Devil on Horseback

Devil on Horseback

Cyril Frankel (1954)

U Certificate


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The young son of a miner becomes a successful jockey, but his cruel tendency to flog the horses has disastrous consequences. The exquisite juvenile star, Jeremy Spenser, is the focus of this British film, directed by Cyril Frankel and produced, somewhat surprisingly, by eminent documentarist John Grierson. Well acted by a cast that features husband-and-wife team Googie Withers and John McCallum, along with Liam Redmond and Sam Kydd as jockeys, it's strong on atmosphere and story. Sadly, the film suffers from lack of pace, disappointing racing sequences and an overdose of sentimentality.

Cast & Crew

Mrs Jane Cadell Googie Withers
Charles Roberts John McCallum
Moppy Parfitt Jeremy Spenser
Ted Fellowes Meredith Edwards
"Scarlett" O'Hara Liam Redmond
Darky Sam Kydd
Squib Malcolm Knight
Len Peter Lindsay
Fred Cole Vic Wise
Reg Guest Eric Francis
Blacksmith George Rose
Mrs Parfitt Betty Hardy
Valet for Moppy Arthur Lovegrove
Blacksmith George Rose
TBC Harry Locke
Director Cyril Frankel
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Group 3 Ltd