Dance Little Lady

Dance Little Lady

Val Guest (1954)

U Certificate


Our Score
Terence Morgan made something of a habit of being horrid to little Mandy Miller on screen in the mid-1950s. He was her pig-headed father in Mandy, the moving Ealing drama about deafness, and here he is the unscrupulous stage father who is determined to see her name in lights no matter what the cost. His self-absorption is, however, preferable to the sickly sweet self-sacrificing of Mai Zetterling, who coaches her daughter in spite of the injury that ended her own ballet career and the heartache caused by Morgan's adultery. The dance sequences are fine, but the poor production values ruin the look of the film.


A ballerina is cruelly exploited by her domineering husband - who abandons her after an injury from a car accident puts an end to her career. However, he returns when their daughter also displays a remarkable gift for dance, but his ex-wife is determined not to let him ruin her child's life. Drama, starring Terence Morgan and Mai Zetterling.

Cast & Crew

Mack Gordon Terence Morgan
Nina Gordon Mai Zetterling
Dr John Ransome Guy Rolfe
Jill Gordon Mandy Miller (1)
Adele Eunice Gayson
Poldi Reginald Beckwith
Madame Bayanova Ina De La Haye
Mr Bridson Harold Lang
Peter Richard O'Sullivan
Mary Jane Aird
Director Val Guest
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Aldendale Film ProdsAvailable on: DVD