Chasing Liberty

Chasing Liberty

Andy Cadiff (2004)

12A Certificate


Our Score
In this dim echo of William Wyler's Roman Holiday, Mandy Moore stars as the daughter of the US president, who's fed up with being hemmed in for security reasons. During a trip to the Czech Republic, she makes a dash for it with handsome stranger Matthew Goode, who's really an agent assigned to protect her, and heads for Berlin's Love Parade, a kind of Teutonic Mardi Gras. Director Andy Cadiff seeks out all the postcard touristy bits, while you keep hoping for a bit of action to liven up the tedious travelogue. It's also a bit dull on the romantic front, with hardly any chemistry between the two leads.


The bored teenage daughter of the US president is furious when her overprotective father sends the Secret Service to accompany her to a rock concert. She runs away with a handsome British photographer and they take a whirlwind tour across Europe together - but he remains unaware of her real identity. Romantic comedy, starring Mandy Moore, Matthew Goode and Jeremy Piven.

Cast & Crew

Anna Foster Mandy Moore
Ben Calder Matthew Goode
Agent Alan Weiss Jeremy Piven
Agent Cynthia Morales Annabella Sciorra
First Lady Michelle Foster Caroline Goodall
President James Foster Mark Harmon
Director Andy Cadiff
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrosGuidance: Contains some swearing. Available on: video and DVD