12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men

Sidney Lumet (1957)

U Certificate


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Based on a television play by Reginald Rose about a lone juror holding out for a not guilty verdict with the remaining 11 ready to convict, this marvellous movie has become part of life's currency: there's no courtroom in the world where 12 Angry Men is not either invoked or recalled. Henry Fonda stars as juror eight, and he also co-produced the movie. Although acclaimed as an instant classic, the film made no money on release and Fonda wasn't able to pay himself his deferred acting fee. Fonda's integrity illuminates the film, which benefits immeasurably from debut director Sidney Lumet's masterly sense of cinema: the action takes place on a single claustrophobic set (an actual New York jury room), yet Lumet finds an infinite variety of visual set-ups and angles within the confines. It was Oscar-nominated for best picture, direction and screenplay, but won nothing in the year that Bridge on the River Kwai took most of the major awards. Few films can genuinely be called brilliant, but this is certainly one of them.


Twelve jurors convene to decide the verdict in a murder trial. While 11 of the group are thoroughly convinced the teenage defendant is guilty, one lone voice of reason refuses to cave in to pressure and passionately argues the case for his innocence. Sidney Lumet's legal drama, starring Henry Fonda, Lee J Cobb, Ed Begley, Martin Balsam and Jack Klugman.

Cast & Crew

Juror eight Henry Fonda
Juror three Lee J Cobb
Juror ten Ed Begley
Juror four E G Marshall
Juror seven Jack Warden
Juror one Martin Balsam
Juror two John Fiedler
Juror five Jack Klugman
Juror six Edward Binns
Juror nine Joseph Sweeney
Juror eleven George Voskovec
Juror twelve Robert Webber
Judge Rudy Bond
Guard James A Kelly
Court clerk Bill Nelson
Defendant John Savoca
Director Sidney Lumet
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: United Artists Corp. LtdAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-ray