My Boyfriend's Back

My Boyfriend's Back

Bob Balaban (1993)

15 Certificate


Our Score
As naff and dreadful as the title suggests, this gross comedy regurgitates that old chestnut about the high school geek who woos the prettiest girl in school. Andrew Lowery is the bespectacled teen who gets shot just before his dream prom date with Traci Lind. In absolute absurdist style, he returns from the dead and goes to the ball regardless. Things go from bad to worse when his body parts start dropping off, with cannibalism and necrophilia following on. The Evil Dead meets There's Something about Mary with a dash of Porky's thrown in. Avoid it like the plague.


A carefree teenager is gunned down during a robbery just moments after asking the girl of his dreams for a date, but he does not let a trivial thing like death get him down and returns from the grave to take her to the high-school prom. Comedy, starring Andrew Lowery, Traci Lind and Bob Dishy.

Cast & Crew

Johnny Dingle Andrew Lowery
Missy McCloud Traci Lind
Eddie Danny Zorn
Mr Dingle Edward Herrmann
Mrs Dingle Mary Beth Hurt
Sheriff McCloud Jay O Sanders
Camille McCloud Libby Villari
Buck Matthew Fox
Director Bob Balaban
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD