Farewell My Lovely

Farewell My Lovely

Edward Dmytryk (1944)

A Certificate


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Also known by its American title Murder, My Sweet, this terrific adaptation of the Raymond Chandler novel was the movie that established former crooner Dick Powell's new hard-boiled image. He out-Bogies Bogart playing the impoverished private eye Philip Marlowe, caught up in two tough and nasty cases that eventually dovetail into one. Quintessential film noir, this is superbly directed by Edward Dmytryk, with an economic use of voiceover that now stands as a skilful example of the device. Mike Mazurki is a perfect Moose Malloy, but it's Claire Trevor as Velma that you'll remember. Parts of the plot were used previously in The Falcon Takes Over, and the film was later remade with Robert Mitchum as Marlowe, but this tight black-and-white masterpiece is as good as it gets.


A tough private eye is recruited to locate the missing girlfriend of an ex-convict, but finds himself drawn into a complex web of lies, involving murder, drugs and blackmail. Crime drama based on the novel by Raymond Chandler, starring Dick Powell, Claire Trevor, Anne Shirley, Mike Mazurki and Otto Kruger.

Cast & Crew

Philip Marlowe Dick Powell
Mrs Grayle / Velma Valento Claire Trevor
Ann Grayle Anne Shirley
Jules Amthor Otto Kruger
Moose Malloy Mike Mazurki
Mr Grayle Miles Mander
Lindsay Marriott Douglas Walton
Lt Randall Don Douglas
Dr Sonderborg Ralf Harolde
Mrs Jessie Florian Esther Howard
Director Edward Dmytryk
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD