Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas

Stephen Sommers (2013)

15 Certificate


Our Score
A peculiar supernatural thriller, where a clairvoyant amateur detective (Anton Yelchin) fights to prevent a plague of evil descending on his small town. This quirky tale starts off well, aided by Yelchin's easy on-screen charm. He's helped in his hunt by the likeable Addison Timlin as Odd's girlfriend Stormy, and an excitable Willem Dafoe as a weary police chief. All three make a good impression, but it's not enough to stop a quick decline as the uneven story progresses. The light-hearted tone and clever quips mean the more grisly moments are a bit jarring. A clunky script, which includes an irritatingly persistent narration, also adds to the feeling that you're watching an episode of a surreal TV show rather than a movie. Beneath the uncomfortable dialogue and messy editing, Odd Thomas is a diverting story told by a talented cast that is frustratingly held back by its flaws.


A cook has the ability to see ghosts, and is startled to find a stranger in his town has attracted an unusually large number of spirits. He takes this as a sign that this man is going to cause a terrible disaster, so tries to find out what is going to happen and if it can be stopped. Supernatural thriller based on Dean Koontz's novel, starring Anton Yelchin and Willem Dafoe.

Cast & Crew

Odd Thomas Anton Yelchin
Stormy Llewellyn Addison Timlin
Chief Wyatt Porter Willem Dafoe
Viola Peabody Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Director Stephen Sommers

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence.