The Postman Always Rings Twice

The Postman Always Rings Twice

Tay Garnett (1946)

A Certificate


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Sweaty and sensuous, this MGM film noir remains utterly electrifying today thanks to the riveting sexual chemistry between its stars, Lana Turner and John Garfield, and Tay Garnett's tense directorial style. Garnett clearly understood the world of James M Cain's original novel, though he was forced to circumvent certain sections because of the censorship demands of the day. Despite competition from several other movies, notably Luchino Visconti's Ossessione and Bob Rafelson's 1981 film starring Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange, this has proved to be the definitive interpretation of the novel, and the Turner/Garfield coupling is undoubtedly the most incandescent - their first meeting remains a classic moment of screen desire.


A drifter gets a job at a roadside diner where he starts a passionate affair with the owner's bored wife - who gradually ensnares him in a plan to murder her husband. Drama, starring Lana Turner, John Garfield, Cecil Kellaway and Hume Cronyn.

Cast & Crew

Cora Smith Lana Turner
Frank Chambers John Garfield
Nick Smith Cecil Kellaway
Arthur Keats Hume Cronyn
Kyle Sackett Leon Ames
Madge Gorland Audrey Totter
Ezra Liam Kennedy Alan Reed
Blair Jeff York
Jimmie White Charles Williams (1)
Willie Cameron Grant
Ben Wally Cassell
Director Tay Garnett
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD