The White Reindeer

The White Reindeer

Erik Blomberg (1952)

PG Certificate


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Be careful what you wish for is the moral of this captivating 1952 fantasy horror, a rare genre movie from Finland. Directed by cinematographer Erik Blomberg in vivid documentary-style, it stars his wife, Mirjami Kuosmanen, as a vivacious, young newlywed whose frustration with the absence of her reindeer-herder husband, Aslak, compels her to use a shaman's love potion to keep him by her side. Unfortunately, the blood sacrifice required also transforms her into an insatiable, vampiric shapeshifter and, so cursed, she starts to seduce and take a bite out of Aslak's villager friends. Haunting rather than horrific, Blomberg's folktale-inspired chiller may be set among stunning snow-covered Lapland vistas but Kuosmanen's channelling of the sensuality of Jennifer Jones in Duel in the Sun and the gothic-horror poise of scream queen Barbara Steele keeps the story compelling and bubbling with suppressed passion.

Cast & Crew

Pirita / Maarita, Pirita's mother Mirjami Kuosmanen
Aslak Kalervo Nissila
Forest ranger Ake Lindman
Tsalkku-Nilla, shaman Arvo Lehesmaa
Reindeer shepherd Jouni Tapiola
Director Erik Blomberg
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Other Information

Language: Finnish +subtitlesBlack and whiteAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray