Diary of the Dead

Diary of the Dead

George A Romero (2007)

18 Certificate


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Horror icon George A Romero once again uses the undead to comment on the ills of contemporary US society in this fifth entry in his landmark horror series. This time, in a nod to The Blair Witch Project, the leader of a group of Pennsylvania film students turns documentarist when the news breaks of a real-life zombie outbreak. This film-within-a-film records the students' struggle for survival - fittingly titled The Death of Death. The target of Romero's satire is the media: anyone holding a camcorder, writing a blog or texting their experiences is "infected" with telling their version of the "truth" and is therefore willing to compromise safety to sensationalise facts. Yet Romero never allows his message to get in the way of his usual innovative splatter or visceral excitement. After 2005's bigger budget Land of the Dead, this feels like a return in tone and scale to his seminal Night of the Living Dead, as the plot rewinds to the initial outbreak of terror. This bleak slice of gruesomely amusing nihilism is another classic of the genre.


Aspiring movie director Jason Creed is in the process of shooting a horror film with a group of fellow students when they hear news of a real-life zombie outbreak. As the youngsters desperately seek shelter from the undead, a determined Jason seizes the opportunity to capture the breakdown of modern society with his camcorder. George A Romero's horror, starring Joshua Close and Philip Riccio.

Cast & Crew

Jason Creed Joshua Close
Ridley Philip Riccio
Debra Michelle Morgan
Tony Shawn Roberts
Tracy Amy Ciupak Lalonde
Eliot Joe Dinicol
Maxwell Scott Wentworth
Gordo Chris Violette
Mary Tatiana Maslany
Police chief on TV George A Romero
Director George A Romero
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Optimum ReleasingGuidance: Contains violence and swearing.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 7 Mar 2008