The Bat Whispers

The Bat Whispers

Roland West (1930)



Our Score
Roland West's talkie remake of his own 1926 silent film The Bat is by far the best movie adaptation of the stock spoof horror play set in a creepy mansion where masked menace lurks. It's also a superior mystery chiller in its own right. Sure, it's a dusty antique by today's standards, but the impressively surreal imagery is highly unusual for the period and well worth a look. Using remarkable special effects and miniature sets, the fluid camera darts about as much as the titular caped criminal for a fun combination of screams and laughs.

Cast & Crew

Detective Anderson Chester Morris
Cornelia Van Gorder Grayce Hampton
Police lieutenant Chance Ward
Mr Bell Richard Tucker
The butler Wilson Benge
Lizzie Allen Maude Eburne
Director Roland West
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video