FairyTale: a True Story

FairyTale: a True Story

Charles Sturridge (1997)

U Certificate


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Charles Sturridge (Brideshead Revisited) lyrically directs this family tale, based on the true story of two young girls who, in 1917, produced photographs of a group of winged, fairy-like creatures they had taken at the bottom of their garden. The story follows the controversy that surrounded the photographs - were they real or faked? Could it be a trick of the light, or proof that fairies exist? - as luminaries such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Peter O'Toole) and Harry Houdini (Harvey Keitel) debated the authenticity of the images. It's beautifully filmed, with nice special effects by Tim Webber, and Sturridge infuses the film with a sense of wonder and romanticism that contrasts with the more sombre backdrop of the First World War.



Cast & Crew

Elsie Wright Florence Hoath
Frances Griffiths Elizabeth Earl
Arthur Wright Paul McGann
Polly Wright Phoebe Nicholls
Edward Gardner Bill Nighy
Harry Briggs Bob Peck
Harry Houdini Harvey Keitel
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Peter O'Toole
Wounded corporal Anton Lesser
John Ferret Tim McInnerny
James Collins Jason Salkey
Jean Doyle Lara Morgan
Frances' father Mel Gibson
Director Charles Sturridge
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Other Information

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Children's Drama