About Last Night...

About Last Night...

Edward Zwick (1986)

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Rob Lowe and Demi Moore star in this 1980s look at the lifestyles and lovestyles of young city professionals, directed by Edward Zwick, who went on to make Glory and Legends of the Fall. The film is based on David Mamet's play Sexual Perversity in Chicago, though you'd hardly know it, since it is a far slicker affair than Mamet would ever produce. Yet it does retain at least some of the playwright's insight and intelligence, while also providing its ration of entertainment. Lowe and Moore do well as the on-again, off-again partners, although it is James Belushi, in an over-the-top supporting performance his brother John would have been proud of, who all but walks off with the show.


A couple are determined to leave Chicago's cut-throat singles scene behind them and develop a stable relationship together - despite their seemingly insurmountable commitment difficulties. Romantic drama based on the play by David Mamet, starring Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, James Belushi, George DiCenzo and Elizabeth Perkins.

Cast & Crew

Danny Martin Rob Lowe
Debbie Sullivan Demi Moore
Bernie Litko James Belushi
Joan Elizabeth Perkins
Mr Favio George DiCenzo
Mother Malone Michael Alldredge
Steve Carlson Robin Thomas
Alex Donna Gibbons
Pat Megan Mullally
Leslie Patricia Duff
Mrs Lyons Rosana De Soto
Carrie Sachi Parker
Gary Robert Neches
Gus Joe Greco
Carmen Ada Maris
Crystal Rebeca Arthur
Colin Tim Kazurinsky
Gloria Marjorie Bransfield
Lisa Lindy Huddleson
Director Edward Zwick
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains swearing and nudity.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray