The Crowd

The Crowd

King Vidor (1928)



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In this powerful silent drama from director King Vidor, James Murray gives a superlative performance as an idealistic young man trapped in a dead-end job whose ambitions are dogged by tragedy. Eleanor Boardman, who was married to Vidor at the time, is also touching as Murray's wife. Such was the film's influence that its depiction of regimented office life and the palliative power of mass laughter were later referenced by such eminent directors as Billy Wilder (in The Apartment) and Preston Sturges (in Sullivan's Travels). Murray was plucked from a crowd of extras to star in the film, though, sadly, he was unable to cope with celebrity and died in his mid-30s after falling into the Hudson River.


A lowly city clerk and his wife aim for better things in life, but reckon without the efforts of others seemingly determined to wreck their version of the American dream. Silent drama, starring Eleanor Boardman, James Murray and Bert Roach.

Cast & Crew

Mary Eleanor Boardman
John James Murray (1)
Bert Bert Roach
Jane Estelle Clark
Jim Daniel G Tomlinson
Dick Dell Henderson
Mother Lucy Beaumont
Junior Freddie Burke Frederick
Daughter Alice Mildred Puter
Director King Vidor
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Black and white