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Carl Th Dreyer was a filmic genius who never shied away from controversial themes or unconventional techniques. This film is a troubling study of a married woman (played with great passion by Nina Pens Rode) who is prepared to sacrifice all in the impossible pursuit of love. In spite of the intimacy and intensity of the action, Dreyer opted to shoot in long takes with little camera movement, in order to emphasise the power of the words and performances. Much maligned on its release, this mesmerising picture was subsequently hailed as one of the most remarkable achievements of a brilliant career.


A wife is disillusioned with being neglected by her workaholic husband and demands a divorce. She has a series of relationships, but none of them lives up to her idealised vision of love. Years later, she looks back on her life and the consequences of her refusal to compromise. Drama, which was director Carl Theodor Dreyer's final completed film. Starring Nina Pens Rode and Bendt Rothe. In Danish.

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Language: Danish +subtitlesBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: British Film Institute LtdAvailable on: video and DVD