Barry Levinson (1994)

18 Certificate


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Michael Douglas is caught in that Fatal Attraction/Basic Instinct trap again, this time with Demi Moore as a former lover who is promoted above him in a cutting-edge computer corporation run by Donald Sutherland. When Moore seeks to rekindle their passion, the now-married Douglas has second thoughts at a vital moment, and the much-miffed Moore accuses him of sexual harassment. Based on a bestselling novel by Michael Crichton and directed by Barry Levinson, this self-important and unintentionally funny thriller purports to be about corporate power and sexual equality but there's precious little insight here. Moore models some slinky lingerie and Douglas soaks his collars in sweat, while the emphasis on computer gizmos and cyber-babble encourages a verdict of virtual rubbish.


An executive finds himself facing fabricated allegations of sexual harassment brought by his spurned boss - and initiates a chain of events that blows the lid off a high-level company-wide conspiracy. Thriller adapted from a book by Michael Crichton, starring Michael Douglas, Demi Moore and Donald Sutherland.

Cast & Crew

Tom Sanders Michael Douglas (1)
Meredith Johnson Demi Moore
Bob Garvin Donald Sutherland
Catherine Alvarez Roma Maffia
Susan Hendler Caroline Goodall
Mark Lewyn Dennis Miller
Stephanie Kaplan Rosemary Forsyth
Philip Blackburn Dylan Baker
Don Cherry Nicholas Sadler
Ben Heller Allan Rich
Mary Anne Hunter Suzie Plakson
Director Barry Levinson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrosGuidance: Swearing and sex scenes. Available on: video and DVD