No Ordinary Baby

No Ordinary Baby

Peter Werner (2001)



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Human cloning is taken out of the realms of science fiction and into everyday life in this thoughtful medical drama. Bridget Fonda adds weight to a predictable role, playing a fame-hungry local reporter who gets the ultimate scoop when she's tipped off about a desperate couple attempting to "replace" their dead daughter via a revolutionary new genetic process. This unique pregnancy then becomes the focal point for a rational and involving overview of the complex issues surrounding fertility treatment and, most specifically, cloning. It's a contentious topic, though surprisingly well handled for a TV movie, sensitively interweaving broad facts with poignant emotion and just a dash of syrupy manipulation.


A couple investigate the possibility of cloning their daughter after she is killed in an accident. However, when a reporter learns of the procedure her enquiries stir up a media controversy, forcing the parents into hiding and jeopardising both the safe birth of the child and the career of the doctor involved. Drama, starring Bridget Fonda, Mary Beth Hurt, Philip Bosco and Adam LeFevre.

Cast & Crew

Linda Sanclair Bridget Fonda
Dr Amanda Gordon Mary Beth Hurt
Virginia Hytner Valerie Mahaffey
Dr Ed Walden Philip Bosco
Chris Hytner Adam LeFevre
Director Peter Werner
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Language: EnglishColour