Good Morning, Vietnam

Good Morning, Vietnam

Barry Levinson (1987)

15 Certificate
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Our Score
Robin Williams received an Oscar nomination for giving here what is essentially a stand-up comedy performance. He plays a motormouth disc jockey sent to Vietnam to entertain the GIs, but, in the event, adds rather more salt, pepper and hot sauce to the place than the military brass would have preferred. Based on the case of a real US armed forces DJ, the film is distinctive for being Hollywood's first Vietnam comedy and among the first movies to treat the Vietnamese themselves as real people. The movie loses its way, however, whenever it tries to get serious, but when Williams is behind the studio mike, it offers a decent showcase for his virtuoso talents. If Williams is not to your taste, there's still the superb 1960s soundtrack to enjoy.


A fast-talking US Army disc jockey is sent to entertain the GIs in 1960s Saigon, but he enrages the military top brass by blasting the airwaves with his irreverent and controversial view of the conflict in South-East Asia. Comedy drama, starring Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker and Bruno Kirby.

Cast & Crew

Airman Adrian Cronauer Robin Williams
Private Edward Garlick Forest Whitaker
Tuan Tran Tung Thanh
Trinh Chintara Sukapatana
Lieutenant Steven Hauk Bruno Kirby
Marty Lee Dreiwitz Robert Wuhl
Sergeant-Major Dickerson J T Walsh
General Taylor Noble Willingham
Private Abersold Richard Edson
Phil McPherson Juney Smith
Dan "The Man" Levitan Richard Portnow
Eddie Kirk Floyd Vivino
Jimmy Wah Nguyen Cu Ba
Sergeant Sloan Mark Johnson
First censor Dan R Stanton
Second censor Don E Stanton
Director Barry Levinson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrosGuidance: Violence, swearing, drug abuse.Available on: video and DVD
Drama Comedy